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Policy of the Integrated System of QES Management

Broliveira sees Quality, the Environment and Safety (Road, Work and Food) as strategic factors for the development of its organisation.

The management undertakes to meet the requirements of the management system and further boost the ongoing improvement in management and environmental performance, road safety, health and safety at work (HSW), the safety of transport food goods and the quality of the services it provides, particularly by reviewing and re-aligning previously established goals.

In this context it has become necessary to draw up and maintain a planned management programme with a view to developing international road freight haulage, based on the following principles:

  • Talking to and working with customers to ensure satisfaction;
  • Having a modern fleet, tailored to the customer needs and maintained to ensure road safety.
  • Choosing suppliers to be competitive;
  • Promoting the appropriate resources to protect the health and safety of employees and individuals involved in its activities;
  • Ensure the hygiene and food safety of the products during transportation;
  • Keeping employees motivated, with the appropriate skills;
  • Complying with the law applicable to the Company’s business activity, and with other requirements;
  • Establishing and periodically reviewing the principles, objectives and targets, taking into account the processes, environmental impacts, significant occupational and road risks to ensure sustainable development and continuous improvement in: quality, environment, food safety, road safety, safety and health at work;
  • Defining working processes and methods to prevent road accident, pollution, injuries and other damage to the health of the employees and other individuals;
  • Informing all employees, the general public and other stakeholders about this policy.


We are green!

At Broliveira we want to reduce the impact of our activity on the planet. Our main commitment is to preserve it by using technologies that reduce the emission of pollutants and by implementing an Environmental Management System based on the ISO 14001 standard.

We therefore share the principles of our Environmental Policy that contextualise our ongoing commitment to:

  • Ensure the legal implementation of the environmental legislation that applies to the facilities and services provided by Broliveira Transport.
  • Strive for Continual Improvement, establishing objectives for the improvement of environmental aspects and performing all the relevant monitoring and performance assessments.
  • Promote the environmental training and awareness of the Organisation.

Management is committed to raising the necessary resources to guarantee compliance with the Environmental Policy and the development of the environmental Objectives and targets, namely:

  • Investing in appropriate equipment for the separation of the waste resulting from transport.
  • Carrying out correct waste management, in partnership with licensed and approved entities and providers that guarantee the proper disposal of the waste produced.
  • Investing in a new fleet, in which the average age of the vehicles is 3 years. Vehicles equipped with technologies that reduce the emission of pollutants.


Corporate value!

Quality is one of the core values of Broliveira.

Every day, we achieve the high demands set by our best clients and by the Quality Management system, implemented over 15 years ago, according to standard EN ISO 9001, which foster the provision of a superior quality service.

Based on our policy of continual improvement, we shoulder the commitments of social responsibility and invest in the enduring satisfaction of our employees, clients, partners and stakeholders.

HACCDP and IFS LOGISTICS Certification

Quality control in Transport


Broliveira has implemented a Food Safety System (HACCDP) applied to loading operations, transportation and discharge of this type of products. Critical points are assessed as basic hygiene requirements, equipment conditions, training of employees and temperature control, if applicable.

In addition to complying with the Regulations and Legislation applicable to the Food Transport, Broliveira considers it important to guarantee the credibility of the procedures it implements through external recognitions.

A certification in the food area represents the quality assurance of the fresh food that we carry and recognizes as appropriate, the procedures implemented by our HACCP System.

We are certified by
IFS LOGISTICS V.2.2, which is worldwide recognised, allowing confidence increasement by our clients and the development of  effective methodologies to meet their requirements.


More information https://www.ifs-certification.com/index.php/en/standards/265-ifs-logistics-en

Health and Safety

If we feel good, we work better!

Health and Safety are an ongoing practice and concern at Broliveira.

ISO 45001 certification enables Broliveira to manage health and safety aspects of his activities more effectively, taking into consideration accident prevention, risk reduction and participation and well-being of his employees. We have an internal Health and Safety at Work service, consisting of a skilled team capable of responding to any risk situation, specifically: Safety Technician, Safety Advisor and First Aid Officer.


Internally, we inform all our employees about the risks of the job, internal preventive measures and procedures to be followed in the event of an accident/incident

Safety is just as important for you as it is for us. If our mission is to be achieved successfully we must guarantee the safety of our employees by providing appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and a vehicle and equipment reserved for the event of an accident/breakdown.

We also value Health in the workplace, preventing our employees from sustaining any work-related injury or sickness, increasing the company’s good performance and reducing the rates of absenteeism and work accidents.



SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment for Sustainability) is a system performed by CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council), which evaluates the performance of the Suppliers of Logistics and Distribution of Chemical Products, in themes such as Quality, Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility.


SQAS isn't a certification system, it's an evaluation system that Broliveira submitted, and from there resulted a detailed report that allows chemical companies to make their own assessment according to their own standards and requirements.


The information is available for the companies of Chemical Products associated and registered in http://www.sqas.org/.



HACCDP and IFS LOGISTICS Certification
Health and Safety

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