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General Cargo

The best general cargo service for all of Europe

Broliveira’s range of trailers allows us to transport all kinds of goods in the safest possible way, properly wrapped/packaged in parcels, on palettes, or suspended (clothes hangers), and others.

As specialists in the transport of full load within Europe, we guarantee a vast array of solutions for your needs. For the full load service, we combine speed with quality of service, ensuring the delivery of your goods on time and in the upmost safety.

Assess our ability to respond and what we can offer you. Contact us for any specific need or request a quote for the transport you need.

At Broliveira we ensure the general cargo service throughout Europe with several transport solutions. All transport is carried out under the CMR Convention governing the contract for the international carriage of goods by road.

Controlled Temperature

Temperature controlled service for all of Europe

At Broliveira, more than 35% of our trailers are equipped with a refrigeration system that rigorously maintains the required temperature. Our equipment is from the FRC Category: Fridge compartment equipped with a refrigeration device that allows the temperature to be programmed according to our client's needs.

Our temperature control system, installed in all refrigeration equipment (FRC), allows us to monitor temperature controlled loads online, and alerts are sent to our headquarters whenever significant temperature changes occur. This system enables us to take action on the equipment in real time, preserving the quality of your goods during their transporation.

Through the temperature control service we are able to transport chemicals (including Pharma), fresh and frozen foods, and others.

The superior reliability and quality of this service, which permits the transport of perishable goods, is only possible thanks to the technical equipment and systems provided by Broliveira.

Assess our ability to respond and see what we can offer you. Contact us for any specific need or request a quote for the transport you need.


Transport of Dangerous Goods

At Broliveira we guarantee the transport of dangerous goods (ADR) according to all legal provisions and standards currently in place in various countries.

By providing this service, we guarantee the necessary adaptation and preparation of tractors and trailers with all the mandatory requirements (signposting and identification and requisites established by legal riders) and the specific certification of drivers through the Training Certificate for Drivers of Vehicles Transporting Dangerous Goods (ADR).

Assess our ability to respond and see what we can offer you. Contact us for any specific need or request a quote for the transport you need.

The land transport of dangerous goods (ADR) presents considerable accident risks and it should therefore be ensured that such transport is carried out in the highest safety conditions possible, minimising the risk of accidents and improving the quality of this kind of transport. Periodically, CEFIC classifies our performance through the SQAS Assessment.


Express Service for all of Europe

At Broliveira, the service we offer caters for a performance that respects the normal and legal driving and working hours for each driver.

As a result, whenever urgent situations require greater speed, we guarantee the ability and dynamics to offer “express loads” by using 2 drivers.

This way we provide the necessary flexibility to achieve excellent rates of timekeeping in delivering your goods, always in the best condition.

Assess our ability to respond and see what we can offer you. Contact us for any specific need or request a quote for the transport you need.


Transport of Pharmaceutical products

Transporting Pharmaceutical products is an important activity in the integrated management of the supply chain of that products.

The positive results of customer Audits, demonstrates that Broliveira meets all the conditions to provide an efficient service, maintaining quality and integrity of the products trough:

  • Equipment with Pharma Certification;
  • Calibrated thermographs;
  • Employees with GDP training;
  • Sanitation Plan.

Food Transport

Food safety for your consumers

More and more Food safety is of significant relevance to consumers, to regulatory entities and in general for all links in the food chain.

As a crucial factor in the food chain, BROLIVEIRA has implemented a Food Safety System (HACCDP) applied to loading operations, transportation and unloading of this type of products and certified by IFS LOGISTICS. Critical points are evaluated sucha as: basic hygiene requirements, equipment conditions, training of employees and temperature control, if applicable.

Once the appropriate procedures have been defined, we can ensure the appropriate transportation of the products, including food protection, complying with:

  • Regulation (EC) n.º 852/2004 and HACCDP – Food Safety System, created to prevent the occurence of potential problems during food operations;
  • Regulation (EC) n.º 183/2005, concerning animal feed;
  • Regulation (EC) n.º 1069/2009 – Category 3, concerning animal by-products and derived products not intended for human consumption.


Transport of Waste in several EC countries

Complying with Regulation (EC) No.1013 / 2006, Broliveira registered with the APA and as holder of a Permit and License for the international transport of goods for hire or reward, is entitled to perform the Transport of Waste in several EC countries.

However, some countries like UK, Holland, Germany and others, have specific conditions that require additional licensing. Consult us and count with us to make your transport.

General Cargo
Controlled Temperature
Food Transport

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